Listed below are some of my very special past babies. How gorgeous are they?!

Pawtique Mickey Blue Eyes

Loki went off to Olivia in Townsville. He is a friendly little boy whose favourite place to sleep is in my daughter's doll cradle. 

Pawtique Ashton Thor

Jacob is staying here at Pawtique to pass on his beautiful genes to more babies. He is a gentle giant (on short legs of course!) who loves to purr and cuddle. His favourite spot is the highest hanging basket in the cat scratcher. Jacob likes to play with crinkly balls and throws his weight around to pin down the other kittens.

Pawtique S Fire to the Rain aka Herbie

Herbie has joined Iny, Tim and Wags down in Melbourne. 

Tim was lovely enough to give an update on Herbie:

Herbie has no intention to stay in any one room. He has apparently learned to operate the door handles in our house (they're fairly low so I'm not surprised), and likes to explore when we're not around. His sole purpose in life, the be all and end all of his existence, is to lounge around and look adorable. He seems to have adjusted and is very fond of our enormous sofas. He's also a cunning hunter of flies and ants and obviously has academic aspirations because his favorite spot is either on my chair at my desk or amongst my history notes and books. 

Pawtique NS Hometown Glory aka Tinkerbell

Tinkerbell is just so pretty! She lives in Bundaberg with the Taylor family and is a regular at their shop, Taylor's Hardware. Tinkerbell loves wooing customers and also is best buddies with her big sister Kaylee the Dalmation. 

Pawtique S Rumour Has It aka Miele

Miele has joined Helen and Kieren in Townsville, along with their three other kitties

These are Helen's kinds words:

Behaviourly he is beautiful, he has socialized and fit in really well with my other 3, he adores mowgli like a big brother and follows him everywhere! He's quite a vocal cat too he has the strangest meow and loves talking all day every day. (4am in the morning next to my head seems to be his favourite time lol he just wants my attention 24/7 we are ridiculously attached and him and mowgli sleep with me every night much to keirans dismay haha)
He also likes to announce to everyone with his cute meow every time he's been to the litter tray, when he's hungry, when he wants to go onto the balcony and he also says hello every time without fail if you walk past him in the house, with one little meow and a cute blink it's adorable.
He's not afraid of anything either, doesn't run away when I vacuum (I've vacuumed over him before playing around and he turned over so I could do his belly! Hahaha) he also loves running water and will play with the tap whenever I brush my teeth or run a bath, I'll have to send you a video it's hilarious
I think he takes after baz with his obsession with belly rubs too, he'll roll over and mew at anyone to scratch him even if they're a complete stranger and loves sunning his fat belly every morning All in all he is a beautiful cat and You did a fantastic job raising such a well socialized kitten.

Pawtique S Day Dreamer aka Chester

Chester lives locally here in Mackay with the Brett family

Pawtique S Neelix

Neelix lives up in Charters Towers with Cass, Sparkles and family. 

ATTENTION: Unfortunately Neelix managed to escape unnoticed through an open garage door. Cass has searched everywhere in her small town for him, to no avail. He has not surfaced at any local vet or shelter and nobody has seen him. Just in case the worst has not happened and he has been picked up by a well-meaning passerby or deliberately not returned, I'm asking to please contact me with any possible Neelix sightings! If alive, he could be anywhere by now! 

Pawtique S Cadbury Dream

Cadbury is staying here at Pawtique, keeping the chocolate dream alive!

Pawtique S Manix

Manix is joining the Twist family in Townsville, lucky boy gets to move in with his big brother Miele! Manix loves tummy rubs too and is going to love getting into mischief with his 4 new kitty buddies. 

Pawtique S Louis Lowrider

Louis unfortunately has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Rest in Peace little guy, you were very loved and much missed.